Dremel Rotary Tool Accessory Kit- 710-08- 160- EZ Lock Technology- 1/8 inch Shank- Cutting Bits, Polishing Wheel And Compound, Sanding Disc And Drum, Carving, Sharpening, And Engraving

From the manufacturer

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Which Dremel Rotary Tools are compatible with the Flex-Shaft?

The Dremel 225 Flex Shaft Attachment will fit onto most corded Dremel High Speed Rotary Tools that have a removable housing cap and that take our standard collets. It will also work (with a limited run time) on our models 8200 and 8220 cordless.

Will the Flex-Shaft work with all Dremel High Speed Rotary Tool accessories?

The Dremel 225 Flex Shaft Attachment will work with most Dremel High Speed Rotary Tool Accessories. The clear exception is router bits. For safety reasons, we do not recommend using a router bit in the Flex Shaft.

Can the Flex Shaft work with the Dremel Keyless Chuck?

Yes. The Flex Shaft can be used with the Dremel 4486 Keyless Chuck, eliminating the need for a collet and wrench when changing Dremel accessories.

What size collets work with the Dremel Flex Shaft?

The Flex-Shaft can accommodate four different size collets.

• #480 for 1/8” shanks

• #481 for 3/32” shanks

• #482 for 1/16” shanks

• 483 for 1/32” shanks

What type of maintenance is needed for the Flex-Shaft?

The Flex-Shaft should be lubricated every 25-30 hours of use. Review the instruction manual for more details and instructions.

#aplus_feature_div .aplus-pagination-dots, #aplus_feature_div .aplus-pagination-wrapper, #aplus_feature_div .hover-wrapper{display:none;} #aplus_feature_div ol, #aplus_feature_div ul, #aplus_feature_div li{list-style:none;padding:0px;} Make the most of your Dremel rotary tools by using our innovative & extensive line of rotary accessories and attachments. Whatever your project, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Dremel accessories fit inside your rotary tool to extend it’s versatility. Whether you’re looking to carve, engrave, cut, sand or grind, there is a Dremel accessory to get the job done with pinpoint precision. That’s why our purpose-built Dremel accessories let you get your project right down to the last detail. Dremel accessories are also color-coded into usage categories to make it easier for you to select the right accessory for your project. The Dremel 160-piece Multipurpose Accessory set offers a breadth of high-quality accessories providing a complete kit to get you started with your Dremel rotary tool. The kit includes the patented EZ Lock™ accessory system with the EZ Twist™ nose cap wrench, EZ Lock mandrel, and EZ Lock cut-off wheels allowing for quick and easy accessory changes. The included storage case features reusable storage bins and lift-out trays for easy organization of the included bits. This kit is ready for cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, cleaning and more. Compatible with all Dremel corded and cordless rotary tools. There’s no need to hunt for the right collet, all Dremel rotary accessories feature a 1/8” standard shank.

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