Our purpose is to enrich lives through technology
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about us v2

The Founder

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Executive Leadership

Here is the team at the helm of the ship

Thomas Reece
Oscar Byrne
Co-Founder & Managing Director
David Evans
Development Manager
Jessica Smith
Customer Service Manager

Our Services

We enable innovation. From ideation all the way through to market delivery.

Worldwide Delivery
200 countries and regions
Secure Payment
Pay with popular and secure
payment methods
Daily Deals
Items you love at prices that
fit your budget
60-day Return Policy
Merchandise must be returned within 60 days.
International Brands
Big savings on your favourite

Our Locations

Stores around the world

our location
Los Angeles
340 Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90291
United States
our location
10000 California St 68114 Omaha
United States
our location
New York
515 Broadway 10015 New York
United States

Investors & Partners

Big ideas need visionary backers.

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